The ANSWER system variable is a general purpose system variable that contains information about how the user has interacted with the Interaction items contained in the Interaction list. You will find that ANSWER will be suitable for most condition statements.

The ANSWER variable will "contain" a value, depending on the user's response, and the Interaction item type.

Simple use

In simple cases, where separate buttons are used, each with a defined value (e.g. Button A, Button B, Button C etc.) you can test for the value of ANSWER simply by defining a Condition: IF ANSWER = A. This is because the value of a normal Custom button will be the value that you have defined for it when creating the Button. An alternative is to use the SELECTEDVALUE variable, whose value will always contain the value of the last item selected by the user (see below).

Complex use

In other, more complex circumstances that involve different types of buttons or fields, the ANSWER variable uses a priority system.

Each Interaction item has a priority when AUTHORsets the value of ANSWER. Interaction items present in the list with a lower priority will be ignored when AUTHORsets the value of ANSWER.

Therefore, if the Interaction section of the Element contains Interaction items of varying priority you can create a condition statement using the ANSWER system variable to deal only with Interaction items with the highest priority. To deal with the Interaction items of lower priority that are present in the same Element, you can create condition statements that use other system variables.

Priority Settings for the ANSWER System Variable, in order from highest to lowest.




Custom Button with Mode property set to Toggle


Check box Fields with the Response set to false


Option Fields with the Response property set to false


Hot Spot Buttons with the Drop target set to true


Text Input Fields


Custom button with Mode property set to standard


Hot Spot button with Drop target property set to false


Check box field with Response property set to true


Option field with Response property set to true