Customised Templates

Templates are AUTHORlessons that have been created to enable speedy production of eLearning with a consistent look and feel.

Customised templates allow developers to further refine the eLearning to match their own needs.  This might be a corporate requirement (where eLearning modules will reflect the look and feel of a corporate identity) or a creative decision (where a particular theme is used to match the content of modules being developed).


Lesson and Element Templates

AUTHORtemplates are lessons with a .LET extension.

The AUTHORsoftware is supplied with a number of predefined templates.  If you open a new lesson using a pre-defined Lesson template, the lesson structure will appear and a number of elements will also be available in Element storage.


Creating a customised template will require the creation of various graphic and audio files - the number of files required will depend on the extent of the customisation.

The simplest customisation will require the creation of new background screens.  More complex customisation will require the creation of new background screens, button versions, bullet points, etc.

Creating Customised Templates

Create a customised Lesson template by:

  • open or create a lesson.
  • edit the new template to match your needs.
  • place any default elements in Element storage
  • save the Lesson Template using File - Save As Template and assigning the Lesson Template a meaningful name

Editing a template may require new graphics (to replace the background, buttons and images used in the lesson template).  You may also choose to redefine any or all of the actions, interactions and responses contained within Lesson Templates.

We recommend using the AUTHORlibrary to further speed creating the template and to improve the consistency of your template.