The Response tab represents the final stage in an Element after the Actions in the Information tab have been executed and the Interaction items from the Interaction tab have been placed on the screen.

The lesson has then waited for the trainee to interact with one or more of the Interaction items. After the trainee does interact, the lesson will move to the Response section of the Element (unless multiple interactions are required - in this case they will select Next when finished). The Response tab is where you define what will happen depending on the trainee's selection.

The Response tab contains a Response List. This list provides summary information for separate anticipated responses from the user. Each entry in the list defines what will happen if the trainee interacts in a specific way.  See The Response List for more information.


The Add button is used to open the Response Add/Edit dialog where you define a new response.

The Edit button is used to open the Response Add/Edit dialog for an existing highlighted response so that it can be edited.

The cut, copy and paste buttons apply to responses in the Response list.

Response list headings

The headings above the response list allow you to quickly identify the components of the response without opening the Response Add/Edit dialog.


Contains the condition statement that has been defined for the response.


Contains the filters that have been defined for the response (a filter allows specific characteristics of a user response to be assessed e.g. Ignore case).


Contains the attempt number of the user that the response applies to.


Contains Next if the Lesson flow for the condition has been set to Continue, or Repeat if the Lesson flow has been set to Repeat.


The score that condition earns.