Once you have created the type and structure of your Lesson, you are ready to add the content. 

In AUTHOR™  this means adding Elements to the lesson.   

Elements can be added to any Sequential or Random icon that you have added to the Lesson structure list. This may be a Sequential or Random Lesson, or an option that is attached to a Menu Lesson or Sub Menu.

Add an Element to a Sequence or Random Sequence

To add an Element to a Sequence or Random Sequence:

  •  highlight the sequence to which the Element is to be added

  • click in the Contents list to select the position in the list where you would like the Element to be added. (Elements are always added between the Introduction and End icons within the sequence.)


  •  click on the Element button of the Element type that you wish to add.


The element is inserted into the list.  Each new element will have default characteristics for font, font size colour and element placement.  These will be set if you use a lesson template or you may set them in Lesson Preferences..

A Lesson template may also have a series of different elements in Elements storage that have predefined actions, interactions and responses.  Use the View menu to see Element storage.


 Double click on an element to add it to the content list.

Element names

All new elements are given a default name: either 'Untitled' with an incremented number or the name of the pre-defined element option.  To change this name to match the naming convention of your script:

  • highlight the element name in the Contents list
  • right click to display the edit dialog
  • select Rename
  • type in your element name and press Enter.

Element types

You have a variety of Element types to choose from. Information about each of the Element types is covered in more detail in the Help topic 'Creating Different Element Types':

Importing elements

As well as creating new elements, you can import elements either from an element template or from another AUTHOR™  lesson. See File menu for more information.